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School Council

One of the ways our pupils can express their views and ideas is via the School Council.

The School Council meet at least monthly to share and discuss their views about a range of school areas. Each class across the age ranges, starting from Year 1 through to Year 6, have a representative who has been elected by their peers.

The children are enthusiastic members and are keen to fulfil their role as a Councillor.

What do the children think about School Council?

  • They think it is important that as a Councillor they represent everyone in school and carry forward ideas from their peers in class.
  • They believe they should be an outstanding role model to others in school.
  • They all think it is important to raise money for school and other school supported charities.
  • They all think the School Council is fun and they enjoy coming to meetings to discuss important things.


  • After a democratic election process in early September 2022, the school council plan to meet on a monthly basis to discuss key areas of school life that they believe could be made even better. 
  • Within one of the first few meetings the children will agree their roles for the year and will also agree their foci
  • Mr Bakker and Miss Fielden have asked that the school council seek the children's views about The GCA Way as an ongoing agenda item. 

Below you will find meeting minutes and any feedback shared with the children across the school.