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Medical Information

As part of our continuous safeguarding approach we know the importance of keeping up to date records about pupils' medical needs. On entry to the school you will be asked to complete an information form highlighting important medical information about your child. We also urge you to keep us informed of any changes to this information as it is vital in ensuring the correct level of care for pupils.

In all cases where medication needs to be given throughout the school day, we ask for you to complete a 'Pupil Medication Permission Form'. This is also required for medication which needs to be in school, though may only be needed in certain situations rather than taken daily, e.g. epipens or asthma pumps.

Although we are happy to administer prescribed antibiotics we request that, where possible, they are given at home. For example, a course of antibiotics that needs to be taken three times a day can be administered before school, after school and at bedtime, thus avoiding the need to send medication to school.