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Mathletics Successes

We are thrilled to be able to celebrate the following monthly success stories from our Mathletics online learning platform. 

Each gold award is earnt when a child has gained 25 weekly certificates for earning at least 1000 points.  It is no easy task to earn a certificate and it certainly isn't easy to keep it up for 25 weeks.  We are really proud of the following children who have shown that hard work pays off.

January 2022

Year 1- Amelia H, Oakley G
Year 2 - Ethan F, Isabella F, Wilf G, Lisa B, Gus C, Benjamin L
Year 3 - Oscar C, Roshan E
Year 4 - Ettie C, Sephie H, Matilda S, Cecilia HR, Sebastian HR, Jack R
Year 5 - Hollie A, Olivia M, Bailey P, Parker C, Kayden G, Isaac L, Miah M, Nathan M, Ayla P
Year 6 - Ryan P

February 2022

Year 1- Maisie A, Lucas S, Clemmie S, Olivia S
Year 2 – Max M, Austin B, Izzie C, Anna G, Lilac L
Year 3 – Hadley K, Ellis M, Alexander R, Sam G, Theo O, Olly S
Year 4 – Hollie B, Emily G, Sophie J, Daniel P
Year 5 – James S, Eden B-B
Year 6 – Hugo D, Bella O, Alissa P, Zach A, Imogen B, Eddie C, Matilda K, Rebecca S, Eric S

March 2022

Year 1- Giorgia D-P, Thomas N, Ellie S 
Year 2 – Mia N
Year 3 – Sophia D-P, Clara-May H, John M, Ashton W
Year 4 – Fraser B, Luke F, Maisie K, Olivia M, Georgie S
Year 5 – Dominic B, Nicholas B, Ethan L, Esme W
Year 6 – Ewan B-H, Kahlan C, Marcus F, Isable F, Molly R

April 2022

Year 4 – Isaac L
Year 6 – Oscar M

May 2022

Year 1- Sophie L
Year 2 – Elishka B
Year 5 – Jacob W

June 2022

Year 1- Alice W
Year 2 – Isla B, Bobby C
Year 4 – Seren G 

Double Golds! 

Year 1- Amelia H, Olivia S, Clemmie S, Oakley G
Year 2 – Gus C, Ethan F, Isabella F, Wilf G, Max M
Year 3 – Oscar C
Year 4 – Ettie C, Jack R, Matilda S
Year 5 – Hollie A, Parker C, Kayden G, Mia M, Olivia M, Nathan M, Bailey P
Year 6 – Eddie C