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Co-Headteachers' Welcome

It is our privilege to welcome you to Godmanchester Community Academy.  

We understand the important roles that schools have in the nurturing and development of our future generations.

It is at Godmanchester Community Academy that the youngest members of our community begin their educational journey. As they set foot through our doors they learn to explore, question and challenge. Inside our classrooms they learn to read, write and count but also develop knowledge, skills and curiosity.  On our playgrounds they learn to make friends, co-operate with others and appreciate everyone's uniqueness. 

In everything that we do, we instil and expect two things from our pupils and staff: hard work and kindness.  

"We should be kind to one and other and be respectful to oneself and to others." Lawrence, Holly class

To enable our pupils to achieve and develop successfully, we have a dedicated team of staff and local governors. We view ourselves as a team because we believe in supporting and encouraging each other to provide the best possible experience of primary education for our children. We also recognise the importance of parents as key players in enabling the school to achieve the best for its pupils, therefore we look to work in partnership with you to help achieve success and overcome any difficulties.     

Tess Fielden and Emma Smith 

Co-Head Teachers


“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” Martin Luther King Jr