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About the Trust

Godmanchester Community Primary School became an academy in 2012. The Trust board formed a Multi-Academy Trust in 2014 consisting of Godmanchester Community Academy and the newly built Godmanchester Bridge Academy, then latterly Gorefield Primary School. In 2020 both Godmanchester Community and Godmanchester Bridge Academies joined the ACES Academies Trust, a Multi Academy Trust formed by the schools' main secondary school partner, Hinchingbrooke School. 

What is a Multi-Academy Trust?

A multi-academy trust is a collaborative organisational structure enabling a single Trust to govern more than one school. This has significant advantages including sharing best practice, economic benefits due to shared costs and central services, flexibility of resources and improved staff retention due to enhanced development opportunities.

ACES Academies Trust 

ACES Academies Trust is a registered company and charity. It has a Board whose members oversee the work of the Board of Directors who are responsible for achieving the Trust’s objectives. The Board of Directors implement the strategy on behalf of the Trust, hold school leadership to account, ensure financial probity and are responsible for compliance with the various legal requirements involved in running an organisation of this nature. A number of responsibilities are delegated to local governing bodies, one for each school.