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AR Success

After a slight hiccough with our AR system, we are delighted to share our monthly accomplishments once again. As well as the usual word millionaires and quiz centurions, we will now also be celebrating word half millionaires.  

Here are the back-dated accomplishments for September and October

Monthly Accomplishments

September 2022: 14,730,202 words read; 1,246 quizzes passed; 1 word millionaire; word half millionaire

Word Millionaire: Roshan E

Word Half Millionaire: Emily G

October 2022: 14,275,894 words read; 1,422 quizzes passed; 2 word millionaires of which is a double millionaire; word half millionaires 

Word Double Millionaire: Roshan E 

Word Millionaire: Rosie S

Word Half Millionaires: Matilda S, Arthur J, Luke F, Emily G, Bobby C, Luca P, Kayden G, Kaj C