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England Rocks

We are pleased to share with you that we have registered to take part in TT RockStars England Rocks event. This three day event begins on Monday (14th) and ends on Wednesday (16th).

The aim of the event is to achieve the highest number of correct answers on any game type. The children compete as a class and an average is calculated based on the top 10 highest scoring pupils. Classes are competing against each other within our school but also across all participating schools!

There is a limit of one hour per pupil per day.

We would like to encourage all pupils who currently use TT Rockstars to take part. This is a great opportunity to improve fluency and recall and contribute to a class competition!

We also hope by joining in with this event, we can improve our overall school engagement and participation scores.

We will provide updates across the three days and Mrs Cook will be handing out certificates to classes and individual pupils who impress in terms of engagement, accuracy and progress.

Good luck to all classes and don’t forget to challenge us teachers to a rock battle so we don’t get too rusty with our recall!