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May's Millionaires

May has been an outstanding month for AR Reading at GCA.

May 2022: 19.837,693 words read and 1,712 quizzes passed

We have now crowned 44 word millionaires across the school.  Incredibly, 7 of these millionaires have now become doubles and unbelievably we now have 5 triple millionaire and a quadruple millionaire.

Millionaires: Eddie C, Summer H, Olivia M, Maisie K, Isaac L, Jake M, Isla M, Sephie H, Ethan W, Zach A, Isabel F, Oscar C, Imogen B, Zak J, Bailey P, Luca P, Cecilia H-R, Jack C, Isla H, Nathan M, Mia M, Martha H, Matilda K, Jenson M, Leila M, Tilly-Rose W, Kaj C, Daniel P, Fraser B, Jack E, Ryeesa D-A

Double Millionaires: Ernie P, Roshan E, Rosie S, Sebastian H-R, Arthur J, Kayden G, Clara-May H

Triple Millionaire: Marcus F, Luke F, Ettie C, Matilda S, Alissa P

Quadruple Millionaire: Emily G

In addition to this we were pleased to announce that we now have 21 quiz centurions

Quiz Centurion: Princess M-A, Roshan E, Lily T, Scarlett C, Rendijs M, Clara-May H, Arthur J, Buyi O, Mbye J-N, Jake M, Luca P, John M, Lauren T, Olly S, James C, Athena G, William T, Ashton W, Lisa B, Sophie C, Hugo G