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British Values Day

On Friday 21st we celebrated British values. We had a morning assembly where we learnt how we support the British values through our activities in school and then each class continued their understanding during an afternoon of activities.

The morning assembly included examples of the children’s hard work, achievements and involvement in areas of school that all support the five key British Values.

The British values and examples of how we demonstrate these in school are as follows:

Democracy  - school council making important decisions for the whole school or subject pupil voice questionnaires.

Rule of law – The police or firefighters visiting the school and our classroom and school rules.

Individual Liberty – Whisper/talking partners in class, class discussions and class debates.

Mutual respect – Friday celebration assembly, Remembrance Day respect assemblies and team based activities.

Tolerance  - Religious visitors to school or outside visits to places of worship and our understanding through RE sessions of the beliefs of others.