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Year 6 Creative Writing

Year 6 pupils were inspired by Storm Doris to write their own descriptive passage about a storm.

We are so proud of their work that we thought we would share it with you.

Olivia Power wrote:

Blanket after blanket of malicious clouds leered at the unknowing ground before them, watching and waiting to pounce. As the air thickened, the clouds bulged with their tears of fury. Invisible columns of wind circled and spiralled in the atmosphere; sparks of electricity shot out at sudden moments, eager to cause heathen havoc.

Out of nowhere, the fractures of jagged lightning stabbed at the ground, sending tsunamis of electricity rampaging in every direction. Whirlwinds of terror screamed through the heavens like a bullet and sunk it's teeth into the ground. Light flashed! Thunder roared! Terrorised animals ran for their lives. The storms fingers whipping as the trees pleaded for mercy; it ripped apart everything, leaving only scars of sorrow and wounds of woe. As the monster fell back into it's slumber, the world heaved a sigh of relief.


Georgina Knight wrote:

Against the horizon, lightning came falling down, terrorising the town, destroying everything in its path.Suddenly out of nowhere thunder came roaring after the lightning like a lion again and again. Constantly, the hair-raising lightning was destroying every tree. Long fingers came down snapping every tree in half. In a split second, the long fingers split into smaller fingers lighting up the night sky. Dramatically, blankets of waves came crashing over the screaming rocks and collapsed on the pathway. Would it ever end?