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Pupil Voice

Our pupils have been having their say.

In February, we carried out a Pupil Voice Survey to gather the views and ideas from all our children in Years 1-6. We had an overwhelmingly positive response as well as a few things that our children would like us to improve.

In the table below, is the percentage of pupils who gave a positive response to each question:



Positive Response

Do you always work hard and do your best?


Are you lessons interesting and fun?


Do you feel safe at school?


Do you know if you have done your work well and how to make it better?


Do you enjoy coming to school?


Is there an adult you would go to if you had a problem?


Do the teachers treat everyone fairly?


Do you use a computer or iPad at school each week?


Does the school encourage you to be active and healthy?


Does the homework you get given help your learning?


Do you take part in any after-school or lunchtime clubs?



We then gave the children an opportunity to explain what they liked best and what they would like to improve about the school. With 365 responses it would be hard to list them all but the most common answers for what they liked best were:

•      Break times and lunchtimes; playing with my friends

•      Learning and the lessons

•      The teachers and the support from them and other adults in school


The most common areas that the children would like to improve included:

•      Playtimes – more equipment, space, longer playtimes, use of the field, football

•      Fun lessons – Art/DT, projects, food technology, creative lessons (without writing)

•      Food – bigger portion sizes, better quality


What happens next?

All the information gathered has already been shared with the Governors and the Staff of the school and discussions have taken place about how we can make the improvements for the children. The school council is involved by gathering and suggesting ideas from the school community to help us address those areas the children would like to improve.